Art on villa Loth Lorien villalorien.comWhen Loth Lorien becomes your home for a period of your live, we want to give that period a special meaning. We hope you will experience this rather extraordinary place as a very positive influence in your life. Art – in particular a painting is often the expression of very special moments. Why do we even bother? Because your time of vacation or a relaxing period during the year is probably the most precious time you have. It’s the time to relax, re-energize, time for inspiration, time with the family or friends, time you most likely remember more than many other moments.

Creating art is one way experience the very moment of vacation But you don’t need to be an artist – not even an art lover.  But after a few days in Loth Lorien you may find some moments to just look at those pictures. Liking it or not is not the point. Neither is seeing something in those pictures or the hope they tell you an important story. Just look at them and try to stop your brain thinking about anything. If you can’t – you need some more time to relax.

Finding your picture. You may find yourself coming back to one particular picture. And you may experience the moment where you just see what is on there – and after a while you recognize that you actually didn’t think what it is, why it is, if it is more or less nice and so forth. You began to accept it as an expression of a moment in somebody else’s live. It’s like you “listen” to the picture and just wonder.

Keep wondering – just so.

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