Loth Lorien is just an amazing place. Not only did we have the unbelievable luck to become the new owner, but also to marry here – 47 years after we met for the first time.


The property has simply the perfect setting for even large events. Our wedding was already the thirds wedding up here. We celebrated between the golf green and the olive garden. Afterwards we moved up to the amazing yard and main patio and had fun. In the meantime the organization team prepared everything for the most amazing dinner in our lifetime – again at the lower level.

Chef Didier was a great choice. He and his team cooked like angels. Already the day before, when we arrived Chef Didier spoiled us with a light dinner and a terrific service. Jeroen Pranger, our property manager had every little detail from the moment we arrived until four days later when the last guests left, under control. Photographer, flower shop, decoration team, setup team played hand in hand with no problem. We and all our guests had a blast.

Our theme was “Wedding in white” – for everybody. Even the bride had to ware white 😉

* Wedding ceremony at the golf green

* Drinks and chats at the pool bar

* Meeting and hangout at the upper yard and patio

* Dinner again at the golf space


* Dancing and light show at the upper patio


We liked it so much that we decided to make it available for other couples to marry here. See our wedding program.
And we are happy to help organize your wedding or any similar party or celebration here on Loth Lorien.


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