Loth Lorien is truly a four season paradise

We visited this magical place once every month – except August – and have been surprised every time what new plants we discovered, new views we had and new experiences. It’s a year round wonderland. So we realized it is a four season paradise.


When we were here in March 2017 for the first time, we could not believe what we saw: A huge snow capped mountain ridge. The air was so clear that we experienced this amazing view. Later on we learn that this is pretty normal at that time of the year. March is particularly great because it is already in the 15 degree + range and much warmer than middle and northern Europe. And Cannes starts to be busy already in February. Theoule is still calm but Cannes is very busy with international events, happening every other week. We very much love the spring time at the cote d’ Azure.


Loth Lorien mountain ridge view - a four season paradise  Loth Lorien summer garden and pool - a four season paradise


Later in Summer the whole property was growing like a tropical garden. We could almost watch everything growing every day. The red “Pipe Cleaner”, along the “Middle Earth Way” became one of my favorites. Obviously this is the most amazing time. Official sunrise is at around 5:50 in the morning and sunset 21:15  at night. But since we are up on the Theoule hills, we get almost another hour in the morning and one at night 🙂


In fall the Yucca trees began to bloom.  Amazing and huge white flowers peak out of the top of the Yucca trees. Really beautiful. Allmost all blume here. September and October are some of the nicest months. Not quite as hot anymore, but still very lively. The weather is pretty stable in those two months. In October when the evenings get cooler it’s recommended to have a light pullover when sitting outside at night. Beginning November however it starts to pour rain. And those who like tropical rain showers – you get that here too. Sometimes the rain is warmer than the air!

Loth Lorien Yucca tree blooming - a four season paradise  Ripe date fruits at Loth Lorien - a four season paradise


And as winter approaches the dates are beginning to ripe. This year (2017) we have huge date strands on the little date palm tree just below the patio.  They are ripe in December – but still just too little to have a nice taste. It’s the time the pool gets too cold to swim without heater. If you are coming in late Fall, Winter or early spring, let us know if you want to use the pool. The environmentally friendly and low energy heat pump takes about a week to heat up the pool. So we will need to heat it up at least a week before you come.

No matter when you come you will enjoy this four season paradise.

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