Loth Lorien Patio

Dear guests, Villa Loth Lorien has a new owner. After having the opportunity to stay here twice and even marry here, we decided to finally purchase the villa. At this point a big thanks to the van Thiel family, the previous owner for hosting us and helping with the transfer. We will certainly take great care of her 🙂

Part of the care will be a complete renovation. Even though we will definitely keep that marvelous Mediterranean style and flair, after 10 years heavy use a renovation is just part of keeping this jewel in great shape.  The only caveat, we will need to lift the weekly rate a bit to help make the economics work.

We, the new owners have traveled the world, lived in vacation rentals on three continents and learned a lot about what makes a great vacation home. But that is still just our own experience. We are committed to keep learning and invite all our guests, previous and future to give us feedback.

Even though we owned homes in Germany and California, we are excited like two 4 year old kids at Christmas about being able to acquire Loth Lorien.

We are very much looking forward to any tips and tricks, old and new guests, and having a great time there ourselves.


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