This post is primarily for our returning guests who are interested in knowing the progress of the renovation project. And if you did any renovation in your home you most likely experience what we experienced many times we start with just a few things and pretty quickly we find ourselves in a real construction space. But after doing this several times in our lives and have been rewarded with coverage in Architectural Design Magazine or at another time nominated to the best home improvement in our village (back in California) we kind of knew what we are getting into.

Renovation Pictures
Now, the following pictures are probably the worst when attracting new guests – but hey – we want to keep you regular guests in the loop with this very exciting project.  And if there are any more insights and feedback, please let us know NOW 🙂

Photos where taken this week – (Nov 6-11, 2017). Expect more updates in the next few weeks.

Main Floor Renovation

Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - FIRE PLACE
The living room get’s all new lighting, new shelves around the
Fireplace design and
gets an all new paint. We will add light switches where they are
more convenient and also install a new Sonos sound system.

Villa Loth Lorien Renovation -

All light switches are in the fuse box – are you kidding me? When we
were guests here, this was the only thing I really wanted to change.
Now we do. Well – and more.
The Light switches get all distributed where they belong. Living room
light switches are relocated to the entry door, patio light switches to the
patio door and so forth. What’s left here in this corner are actually only
the real fuses. No more switches that should not be touched 🙂
Villa Loth Lorien Renovation -


Remember, when wanting into the Kitchen and looking for light
switches? With the complete overhaul of the electric system, we
added new light switches at the kitchen entry. By that token the
yellow painted cabinets needed to fall.

Villa Loth Lorien Renovation -

The blue kitchen is just too much of a signature piece of this villa to
remove. So it will stay. But the yellow tiles needed to go. The new
Metro Tiles (30 cm long) are just stunning (well, we think). In the
next few weeks we will ask Miele to do a major maintenance service
on all the appliances. They are high quality products and we want you
to enjoy them as good as new.


The old surface mount air-condition in the master bedroom is
removed. A new build in unit will take care of the cool air and
also a cool look.
Villa Loth Lorien Renovation -


JULES VERNE (Bedroom 6)
The “office” is turned into a library with a single bed. We thought
we call this room “Jules Verne” because of it’s inspiring location in
the house. Of course it can still be used as an office. A new and large
A3 Printer is available and also Internet connection via cable in
addition to Wifi.
Also here the old surface mount air-conditioning system is removed
and will make way for an integrated Air-con that will no longer be seen.
New shelves will make the room a bit more airy.
 Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - 7 doors


The little hall between master bedroom, kitchen, office, bathroom and
stairway to the top floor with it’s 7 doors we simply call “7 Doors”. It’s a
mess right now with all the boxes but will be back to normal any time

Guest Floor Renovation

Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - Le Cagnard


LE GAGNARD (Bedroom 2)
This was the yellow room, the first when entering the guest floor.
The old cabinet needed to go and is replaced with a new, built in cabinet for
more clothes. Also here, a new Air-Con will be added so that all bedrooms
now have air condition.
Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - Le Cagnard bath


Here are already the large sand stone tiles in. The tiler just started this morning.
Obviously they are just put in place. After they are cleaned the get grouted and
then all tiles get sealed. It’s much more than just putting on ceramic tiles 🙂
Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - Le Petit Paris


PETITE PARIS (Bedroom 3)
This was the red room, the second in the guest floor.
The old cabinet shelve needed to go as well and is replaced with a new, built in
cabinet for more clothes.  Also here, a new Air-Con will be added so that all
bedrooms now have air condition.


Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - Le Provence

LE PROVENCE (Bedroom 4)
You may remember it as the large “blue bedroom” with the strange cabinet at
the entrance. Le Provence is now getting a brand new full size built-in cabinet
for all your clothes. We are replacing the old beds and bought new box spring
beds.Also new LED spots on the ceiling bring much more light in the evening.

Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - Media Room

FRERES LIMIER (Home Theater / play room / bedroom 5)
It was the very blue (1/2) guest room with the blue bath. Now this will be the
fun space or an additional bedroom – as you choose when you book it.
In Freres Limier (Room name) you will find a super large 65″ flat screen TV with
SONOS Dolby surround sound, a Sony Playstation 4  and enough space to play
around when here in spring or fall or winter. And even in summer, it’s still cool
once in a while to play games inside.
Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - Blue bath



Bathroom for Le Provence
We completely renovate all bathrooms and also the “blue bath”. New bath
tub and all new faucets.
Most importantly also here like in all other bath rooms more light.

Villa Loth Lorien Renovation - windowes Blind Windows
Remember those two blind windows with nothing but a wall behind?
They are gone.

What started with just doing the light switches and a few minor renovation tasks, turned into a complete construction space across the entire villa.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank the team from “Building Support” for an amazing job so far.


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