Well – it started as “small” but then, almost 9 month later it turned out to be a major renovation.

Lets start at the beginning. We have been using vacation rentals for years ourselves. We have been lucky to stay in several stunning homes, and of course some more typical vacation homes. It helped us understand why those top homes are always booked – they were just amazing. When we purchased Loth Lorien, the first thing we did was a complete renovation. The tricky one was that we wanted to keep that cozy Mediterranean style, but fix all the bathrooms, take out old cabinets that already began to smell and put in everything that even super demanding guest have at home. Funny enough it topped our own home and voila – we were fully booked right at our first season – 2018.

Welcome to an amazing place in a timeless space. When we are there, we feel time just stops. Never been more relaxed than after just a few days here. The view cannot be captured by photo – its so wide and spacious. Stepping into the pool is like swimming in Holy Water. We don’t use chlorine to keep the pool water clean but a special light salt. The whole pool water is completely regenerated over night. In the mid day heat we either take a nap in the gazebo, retract to the court yard at the master bedroom or just lay down under the big palm trees which bring a lot of shadow.

My wife just loves that spacious kitchen where she easily can cook for 12 or even more people. Well and once in a while our daughters just take over, without stepping on each other’s feet. At our marriage the Chef with a team of 3 cooked there for 80 people. We just couldn’t believe it. We learned what a one star cook is able to do beyond just cooking 🙂  You find pretty much every kitchen gadget you need. If anything is missing let us know and we get it for you.
Our bar with all kinds of alcohol just says in the house, be our guest to take what you like. When you arrive you will find a 5 liter beer cage in the fridge. Put into the draft box and just pull the lever. If you are anti alcoholic, just let us know and we remove it all.

Welcome on Loth Lorien.

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