We very much care about the health and safety of our guests. We will open again from June 15 onwards. France is opening borders on June 15 for selected countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and as soon as airports open, we expect also for S.Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan.
Given the situation may change, we are offering very flexible booking terms and a few situation related services. We keep that at least until May 1, 2021 as nobody knows how the situation may evolve.

1) We can accept BOOKINGS from the above mentioned countries.
If the situation changes and you cannot travel to France due to being quarantined or France is getting under quarantine again, we will return 100% of the payments.
2) We are accepting non-binding RESERVATIONS from all other nations. Should we receive a firm booking from a country that no longer is in quarantine we will immediately inform who made a non-binding reservation to decide what to do. In that case it is the risk of the booker (we do not suggest this – but you know best what your situation is)
3) Due to the current situation and the prediction that we will need to live with corona for a while, we will take extra care in terms of sanitation and request two days between departure and arrival of new guests. Hence we cannot accept bookings right the day after a previous party departed. We have the team trained to handle the cleanup like in a hospital.
4) Whether needed or not, we provide enough masks, and liquid sanitizer during the stay at no extra cost.
5) Our property manager will be at service also for grocery delivery. The property is big enough to just enjoy live without leaving the place. 🙂

Since HomeAway doesn’t have a system to just make non-binding reservation, we track it on our VillaLorien website,

No matter what – It remains to be a magical place in a timeless space.
Stay safe

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