Many can’t hear the word corona anymore. Yet we will hear it even more often in the future when discussing the aftermath of the pandemic. No matter if all the measures had been fully understood and/or supported. A mutating corona virus could be far more deadly than cvid-19. As a society we will have to deal with it. And the aftershocks will not only in the business world but also in the vacation world.


Right after June 15 we experienced an unexpected surge of requests for Loth Lorien. It was obvious that European traveler would prefere Europe as a vacation destination over foreign countries. What was not quite clear, if hotels and vacation homes grow in parallel, hotels grow faster or vacation homes. Travel we spoke with gave a pretty clear answer – even the “sample rate” is small. Here is what we heard.

“…we have never stood in a private vacation home, but we rather have a place where only we are and not some 30 or 100 other guests…”
“…this year [2020] it is much harder to find a vacation home because despite corona so many have been booked not even knowing when we can travel again…”
“…we have been using a vacation home just once in our life about 5 years ago. It was very nice but we still preferred a hotel. But now there is no question, we rent a vacation home just for us…”
“…we believe that hotels have a more professional way cleaning the rooms but it isn’t really the room I’m concerned – I just would not want to sit in a breakfast room between glass walls, not having a buffet because of the risk from others and so forth. It’s just too inconvenient…

Vacation Rental 2021

As a vacation home rental we see already questions like “when should we make reservations for 2021?” It indicates that most traveler understand that we will live with certain precautions for quite some time and vacation rentals won’t just pop out of the earth for what might be a good business for two or three seasons but not thereafter. We spoke with a few peers to hear and see what they think and it looks like 2021 will be a very busy season for home owners and nobody knows what’s next.

What did we as vacation rental owner learn

We as the vacation home owner need to make sure that our guests have a 100% relaxation level.

  1. We are changing our general terms and offering a more flexible reservation policy, independent of the platforms we are using. If a renter comes from a country or our property is in a country we offer a 100% refund if any of the respective countries will instantiate a lockdown. So guest will not have to negotiate anything in that regards. We keep it as a new standard in our terms.
  2. We are providing masks and sanitizer for our guests for free as long as there is even a small risk for contracting a virus
  3. We trained our team to clean and sanitize the villa similar to a hospital. It’s an appropriate measure given the overall feel of being safe during vacation and able to relax.
  4. The villa is big enough to stay there for two weeks without even going anywhere, maybe once in a while a walk around the hill we are on. So no transportation needed and we offer a grocery service for shopping where we bring the groceries to the gate and you can pick it up – never needing to go shopping.
  5. We are exploring restaurants annually at least to see which one have a high standard in protection, and share it in every season new.

And we are open to continuous learning. Any suggestion and idea, anything that would make your life more comfortable that we should provide we are all eyes and ears.

Wishing you a great vacation in Loth Lorien’s “amazing place in a timeless space


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