Being involved in the innovation space around the world, we have a small window into the future based on science, sociological and political shifts. We are prepared deal with our current pandemic situation into 2021 and maybe one way or the other beyond.

As such we updated our general terms. The biggest change is that we generally refund any pre-payments in case a country is either locked down or people from that country are no longer allowed to travel to France based on a governmental policy.

1) Given the new situation, we are taking extra care in terms of sanitation and request more time between departure and arrival of new guests. We ask for your understanding that checkout needs to be made on or before 10am. Earliest arrival is 5:00pm. We have the team trained to handle the cleanup like in a hospital.
2) Whether needed or not, we provide enough masks, and liquid sanitizer during the stay at no extra cost.
3) Our property manager will be at service also for grocery delivery. The property is big enough to just enjoy live without leaving the place. 🙂

No matter what – It remains to be a magical place in a timeless space.
Stay safe

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