The “small” renovation project is completed.

Well – it started as “small” but then, almost 9 month later it turned out to be a major renovation. Lets start at the beginning. We have been using vacation rentals for years ourselves. We have been lucky to stay … Read More

Renovation in full swing

This post is primarily for our returning guests who are interested in knowing the progress of the renovation project. And if you did any renovation in your home you most likely experience what we experienced many times we start with … Read More

Four Season Paradise

Loth Lorien is truly a four season paradise We visited this magical place once every month – except August – and have been surprised every time what new plants we discovered, new views we had and new experiences. It’s a … Read More

Loth Lorien Patio

New Ownership

Dear guests, Villa Loth Lorien has a new owner. After having the opportunity to stay here twice and even marry here, we decided to finally purchase the villa. At this point a big thanks to the van Thiel family, the … Read More

Art in Loth Lorien

When Loth Lorien becomes your home for a period of your live, we want to give that period a special meaning. We hope you will experience this rather extraordinary place as a very positive influence in your life. Art – … Read More

Name of the villa

Nomen est omen. A great name helps to get a deeper understanding about the very being or thing that carries that name. Not only it gives an idea about the presence but also an indication where or what it is … Read More

Hello Villa Lorien!

Welcome to the new website of Villa Lorien – also known as Villa Loth Lorien. In J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium, “Loth lórïen” or Lórïen is the fairest realm of the Elves remaining in Middle-earth. It is a symbol for … Read More